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A quick response time is critical when properly dealing with damage to your residential or commercial carpeting and rugs. At D.B.R.S. Dust Busters, we’re passionate about carpet cleaning. While we specialize in other services, our carpet cleaning makes us one of the leading providers of the service around the Flint, MI area. We have many years of experience and make use of the latest equipment and techniques.

When you need regular carpet cleaning services, stain removal, or upholstery cleaning, call us and rest easy knowing you’re in expert hands. Our professionals are experienced in dealing with all the different kind of fabrics including rugs, curtains, and upholstery.We specialize in cleaning services for residential and commercial clients.

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5 Things To Do Before D.B.R.S Dust Busters, Arrives To Clean Your Carpet

You have made the decision to finally have your carpets professionally cleaned to improve the look, feel and safety of your home or commercial space. When the team from D.B.R.S Dust Busters arrives at your location, make sure to have completed these 5 simple steps so that we can start right away!

1. Clear All Carpeted Areas: Anything touching the surface of the carpet that can be relocated, should be. This includes plants, furniture, lamps and more. The team at D.B.R.S will let you know before arriving which pieces of furniture they specifically will need for you to move before arrival. Also be sure to remove any valuables or fragile items that are close to the carpeted area being treated.

2. Inspect Your Carpet: Now that you have completed the removal of the objects in the area it is time for a thorough inspection. The team at D.B.R.S will also be inspecting the surfaces but it always helps if you have a good idea of the condition of your carpets. Take note of the spots, stains, high traffic areas and anything else that seems to be different. This will help you provide a walkthrough to our team once we arrive. This will increase the speed and efficiency of the cleaning service and notify us of any trouble spots!

3. Make A Plan For Your Pets: At D.B.R.S we know that pets are a very special part of the family! Make sure to let us know in advance of any pets or small children that you might have before we arrive. This will prepare the team to come prepared to tackle any pet-related issues with your carpet. D.B.R.S might even bring a treat for Harley the dog or Cisco the cat as well!

4. Make Room For Our Truck: We will be able to work more efficiently if we are able to have full access to your driveway. Our high-end equipment is operated directly from the trucks and it is beneficial to be as close to the house as possible.

5. Prepare Your Family: When D.B.R.S. completes your professional carpet cleaning service, your carpets will still be slightly damp. Our team will work diligently to extract most of the water used during the cleaning and will place fans around your home to speed up the drying process. Even with the extraction methods, your carpets will still need time to fully air dry before taking heavy use. Make a plan so that you are able to stay off the carpeted surfaces until they are fully able to dry.

By completing these 5 steps before your scheduled carpet cleaning, D.B.R.S. will be more effective when professionally cleaning your carpets.


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Here is a great example of the power of professional carpet cleaning. A customer in September of 2015 hired D.B.R.S. Dust Busters to clean carpeted areas in their home. When D.B.R.S asked about cleaning the room seen in the image, the client said it would be a waste of time and they planned to remove the carpets and replace them. After a professional carpet cleaning service from D.B.R.S. Dust Busters, the clients were amazed at how clean we were able to get the carpet and decided to leave it in the home!

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